dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill – The perfect Dog Treadmill for home exercise

dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill —[SOURCE]— is your perfect dog treadmill specially if you want to give your dog some walking and running exercise at home.

This superb canine treadmill for dogs is uniquely built using a sturdy carbon steel yet portable enough so owners can easily set asisde them simply by collapsing the sides and sliding it out of sight when you’re done using it.


dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill

This dog treadmill has a tread / running area of 38×16 inches in length and width and only weighs 48.4lbs just enough to position it anywhere around your home for some doggie exercises.

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This doge home exercise equipment is very affordable yet provides the perfect value for dog lovers out there simply because it also comes with computerized fitness program to help the dog owner optimize their dog’s health just by selecting different pre-sets of dog fitness exercises.


DogPACER Minipacer Treadmill has adjustable speed that can be easily set from .5 to 7.5 mph in .1mph increments just enough to make your 4 legged pal happy and healthy all the time.

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