DJI Mavic Pro Mini Drone Portable Hobby RC Quadcopter – Portable yet powerful, ready to go with you everywhere

Equipped with flight autonomy technology, this small yet very powerful remote control drone will definitely turn the sky your very own original canvass without worrying about complexity, thanks to Mavic Pro’s intelligently designed flying cameras partnered with unique transmission system, vision sensors and a lot more, flying high at your command using your fingers is now possible.

The DJI Mavic Pro Mini Drone —[SOURCE]— is equipped with remote controller equipped with Ocusync transmission so you can easily fly high for miles and miles and because it is also equipped with full high definition video streaming capability, capturing those moments of course without worrying about bumps and other obstacles.

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Mavic Pro Mini Drone

Hover high with absolute precision even on different environments, with Mavic Pro, flying at up to 40mph or 65kph without worries is now possible, you can even land exactly where you want automatically.

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With DJI Mavic Pro Mini Drone’s true 4K video, every shot you take can now be done professionally and automatically so you don’t need a film crew just to come up with a nice shot, just let the drone track the subject and you’re good to go.

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