Discover DJ Decks – The Portable And Easy To Use USB DJ Deck

Discover DJ Decks

Discover USB DJ Decks is capable of mixing your favorite digital music plus it even matches any tempo from any tracks automatically for that flawless music transition ideal for DJ enthusiast who wants to start their own realistic mixing, scratching, recording and extending some dance music using your very own list of songs. Just plug the Discover DJ Decks and play it via USB. Sounds easy right!

Discover DJ Decks 2

Discover USB DJ Decks comes with scratch pads, cross faders, treble and bass controls, tempo matching, pitch control and a MixVibe Software used to mix from track to track easily. Discover USB DJ Deck is perfect for kids and adults alike who wants to control their own party with some scratching and fading.

– £99.99 at  iwantoneofthose