Digital Tyre Compressor – The Quick And Handy Way Of Inflating Tires

Here’s a quick and handy way to inflate your tires! The Digital Tyre Compressor lets you pump up your tyres to their correct air pressure from the comfort of your own quarters.

Digital Tyre Compressor

The Digital Tyre Compressor can inflate tyres quickly and easily to ensure optimum vehicle performance. It is compatible with cars, vans and motorbikes plus it includes an adapter for sports balls, mattresses and rafts. The Digital Tyre Compressor also comes with a 3.5 meter power lead so you can plug it into a cigarette lighter. How does it work? Just connect the digital tyre gauge, select your unit of pressure, press on and the digital tyre pressure will continue to inflate your tyre until the target pressure is reached. You don’t even have to worry about when to unplug this device because it automatically shuts off, perfect for any person who is worried about their cars maintenance and would like a quick and trouble-free method to stay on top of their vehicle’s tyre pressure.

– £24.95 at gizoo


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