Digital Peephole – Now You Can Clearly See Who Is Visiting

No more tiny and fuzzy image viewing, check this Digital Peephole viewer that allows you to view a full color image display of who’s visiting you.

Unlike any other traditional peepholes, this gadget provides wider angles and uses CMOS sensor so you’ll a clearly picture of who’s outside that door.

Digital Peephole

Digital Peephole

Simply turn on the digital peephole and watch its LCD screen display an image of the person standing outside in full color. Amazing aight!

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This facial recognition peephole also features a magnification function that allows the owner to magnify an image, a 2.5inch full color TFT screen capable of providing angles up to 60 degrees and a 1/2 inch diameter barrel that perfectly fits thru any standard door.

This Peephole also comes with 2-AA batteries capable of powering the digital peephole up to 1,500 image viewings.

– $129.95 at hammacher