Digital Deadbolt Lock – The Unique and Sturdy Home Lock Protection System

Lost key problem? No worries, here’s Digital Deadbolt Lock, a unique and sturdy home lock protection system capable of protecting your door keyholes from any lock-picking minds because it safely gets rid of any predictable keyholes you may have at home replacing it with a safer and well-built one. This Digital Deadbolt Lock can even endure sawing, hammering and kicking plus you can use its handy keyless entrance using pass codes you specify. Cool right!

Digital Deadbolt Lock also features an auto-lock function that can automatically locks a closed door, a master function for both pass code and tag key and a throw bolt of 1” for that maximum security you’ve been looking for. This Digital Deadbolt Lock can delete lost or stolen tag keys and can handle pass code digits of up to 20.

– $279.99 at thinkgeek