Desk Lamp with Lighted Magnifier – Cool Gadget for Night Reading

Is your desk lamp giving you eye strain? Or maybe it can’t provide enough light to illuminate what you are doing? Then stop, maybe it’s time for you to check this cool gadget capable of stimulating the color commitment that sunlight can give you.

Check Desk Lamp with Lighted Magnifier a uniquely designed desk lamp with built-in magnifier so you’ll be able to enjoy crisp and inflated view of excellent text print anytime even during at night reading. The  Desk Lamp’s magnifier comes with magnification level of up to 5x and its flexible gooseneck can be positioned to almost anywhere you want giving you comfortable and optimal positioning anytime.

Desk Lamp With Lighted Magnifier

Desk Lamp with Lighted Magnifier

The Desk Lamp’s Magnifier also comes with 22watt full spectrum light bulb, a unique 3-way switch so you can turn the lamp and lens light all together or individually and a brass-plated base and frame that looks really cool when lighted together.

The Desk Lamp with Magnifier uses 12 LED lights and measures 13″ diameter x 24″ in height and weighs at only 10lbs.

-$179.95 at hammacher

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