Gaming Recliners – Deluxe X-Rocker The Ultimate Gaming Lounge Chair

With Deluxe X-Rocker Recliner, now you can sit back and unwind with your favorite games or enjoy watching and listening to your latest music collection with this ultimate sound and gaming lounge chair the most deluxe audio and gaming chair around.

Deluxe X-Rocker Recliner

Deluxe X-Rocker Recliner

This Recliner features a luxury soft leather recliner, a mug holder, armrest storage area, a lounging function with lockable control, a 3 channel wireless audio system, an adjustable powered subwoofer, amplifier and a stereo satellite speakers.

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The Deluxe X-Rocker Recliner works with Xbox, PS2 and 3, Nintendo gaming units, PSPs and DS lite plus it also works with your TVs including your MP3 and iPod player using a standard earphone jack.

– $399.00 at amazon

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  1. Thanks for listing some of the features of this recliner. It was informative reading how this includes a storage area as well as a complete surround system.

  2. This looks awesome, thinking about buying it for christmas but the picture differs from the one on Amazon, is it actually different or…?

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