Datopal 12 in 1 Super SIM Card Cloner – The Best Kit For Every Mobile Phone Owners

Your SIM Card holds all your personal data such as text messages and phone numbers, they also come very handy like in the case of switching them to other phones when your mobile runs out of battery. But what if you have more than one number? Does this mean carrying also with more than cell phones?

Datopal 12 in 1 Sim Card

Datopal 12 in 1 Super SIM Card Cloner is perfect for mobile phone users who have more than one numbers, it features read, edit, delete and backup between your SIM cards and can save up to 12 different SIM contents into 1 super SIM card. It also features a dual-mode calling and an on-line number reminder plus its high speed decoding and convenient sorting function makes it the best kit for every mobile phone owners.

– $21.99 at vavolo