Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock – Now you can lock and unlock your door using your phone

Still using the same old fashion way lock and unlock your door? How many times you walked out that door without your keys or even locking them behind you? No worries, now you can quickly lock and unlock the door without using any keys, grant access to visiting guests while you are away or even turn on auto-unlock simply by giving signal to the door whenever you are in range with Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock.

Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock

Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock

With Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock, your favorite android or iOS phone and any other Bluetooth enabled device would be your key, no more waiting for someone to open up the door for you because with Danalock Smartlock, you simply install the uniquely designed app to your favorite phone and you’re good to go.

Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock 1

Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock 2

The included app is very easy to install, you even have the capability of interacting with other system, multiple connection option, log any door activity, check if the door is locked or unlock and even have worldwide home control perfectly designed for giving access to your house remotely or even granting weekend access to your visiting guests, and best of all, it fits nicely to your existing door installation.

Click [HERE] to watch the Bluetooth Smartlock in action. Or Visit [THIS PAGE] for other important features and functions.