D-Link Boxee Box DSM-380 Wireless HD Media Player

Can’t integrate your PC’s hard disk drive to your TV? How about browsing the internet, playing all your favorite video clips from YouTube right into your very own TV minus that hassle of connecting cables and wires at the back of your TV, PC and other media player?

D-Link Boxee Box DSM-380 Wireless HD Media Player

Wireless HD Media Player

Here’s a cool new way of integrating all your media collection into one cool place with D-Link Boxee DSM-380, a wireless HD Media player with built in QWERTY keyboard so you can browse, share and play your most wanted TV show and videos from the internet directly to your TV.

D-Link Boxee Box DSM-380 Wireless HD Media Player is capable of playing almost any non-DRM Medias. With D-Link Boxee Box, no more browsing the web on your television because all you need to do is to pick the best digital entertainment you need using its unique keyboard. You can even choose and watch thousands of admired TV shows and movie films simply by using D-Link Boxee.

Boxee Wireless HD Media Player is very easy to setup and is great for geeks who loves to share their digital contents to their social networking friends like Facebook and Twitter.

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-£199.99 at firebox