Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player – Your Kids Huggable Teddy Bear with Built-in Music Player

This Huggable Bear is not just cute looking but at the same time comfy when it comes to embracing its soft body while listening to its relaxing sound.

What? Yes you heard it right, the Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player is not just one of your kids ordinary cuddle bear because it already comes with a nice MP3 player so kids can enjoy music and at the same time hugging their favorite stuff toy teddy bear.

Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player

Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player

Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player is equipped with 1GB of storage memory just enough to store all their favorite music tunes and stories plus it even comes with a 1year free subscription from cuddletunes site so kids can select and personalize the songs they want to store all for free.

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Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player 2Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player also features a sturdy speaker and a record function so kids can also capture their very own bedtime messages and soundtracks, just don’t forget to press the play button though to start enjoying.

Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player is perfect for on the go geekids who just can’t miss loving with their favorite teddy bear, so what are you waiting for, go get one now and start cuddling.

-$59.99 at thinkgeek