Cowon J3 32GB MP3 Player – With Smooth And Effortless Function

Cowon J3 32GB MP3 Player, one of the most awaited music and video player from Cowon J3 is now available packed with all the features you need to give you smooth and effortless control, eye-catching images and videos and good quality sound right into its sleek and portable body.

Cowon J3 32GB MP3 Player

The Cowon J3 32GB Mp3 Player features a dazzling 3.3 AMOLED screen display capable of producing up to 16millions of clear colors at 480×272 resolution, a twist and turn function that uses a charming G-Sensor tools so you can easily flip from side to side giving you freedom to listen and watch at your desired position.

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Besides its TV-Out functionality, this 32GB MP3 player is also capable of giving you up to 11 hours of continuous music and video playing and if you want some bigger display, you can always count on J3’s included TV-out functionality for greater fun and entertainment at home with your friends and other family members.

– £239.00 at advancedmp3players