Cordless Neuromuscular Back Pain Reliever – Provides Quick Healing and Relaxation

Back Pain Reliever? Use this powerful Cordless Neuromuscular Back Pain Reliever designed to provide pain relief without using any drug prescription.

This small yet sleek and smooth back pain reliever is as powerful as big equipments used by professionals to get rid of lower back pain simply by employing safe electrical rhythms blocking any pain signs passing through the nerves.

The Cordless Neuromuscular Back Pain Reliever

This Cordless Neuromuscular Back Pain Reliever is also perfect for increasing the blood flow of the aching portion to encourage quick healing and relaxation.

Unlike other TENS system with lots of cords and bulky battery packs , this slim yet flexible wireless back pain reliever does not obstruct movement, you can even enjoy the treatment with your clothes on so you can still perform your daily routine without worrying about removing cords and batteries.

The Cordless Neuromuscular Back Pain Reliever 1

This Neuromuscular therapy system already includes 40 gel pads, a portable remote control and a storage box. This device uses double A batteries for the unit and a CR2032 battery for the remote.

What are you waiting for, stop back pain now, use the cordless neuromuscular back pain reliever anytime anywhere.

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  1. I am currently experiencing back pain issues related to nerves. This may be what the doctor ordered. Really, I am looking at anything to get some relief…


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