Cool-er eBook Reader – The Thinnest Reading Gadget Set To Modernize How You Read Books

Cool-er eBook Reader is the thinnest reading gadget that is set to modernize on how you interact and read your favorite books, this means that with Cool-er eBook Reader, you’ll be on your way to a paperless, hustle free, and space saving reading activity all with your favorite music as background because it also plays MP3 songs to make reading time more interesting.

Cool-er eBook Reader also features an expandable 1GB memory, a free from glare 6” LCD display meaning you can always do your reading anywhere because it will not be affected by direct sunlight and a unique scroll wheel menu selector for scrolling pages up and down easily. Cool-er eBook Reader reads almost any type of format including PDFs and Jpegs.

– £199.95 at firebox