Conversation Recording Bluetooth Headset – with noise cancelling feature for crisp and clear phone calls

Got a smartphone? How about a Bluetooth Headset capable of recording phone calls? Now you can listen clearly to any instructions or even capture important directions with this cool new Bluetooth Headset packed with noise cancelling feature so recording and playing back important calls will guarantee perfect result every time.

This Conversation Recording Bluetooth Headset uses an improved Bluetooth protocol in order to eliminate any interference while its cool design and easy to operate buttons will allow the owner to easily control the recording, playing and deleting of conversation.

Conversation Recording Bluetooth Headset

This Bluetooth Headset is capable of recording up to 12 straight minutes of calls, 8 hours of talk time or 250 hours of standby time from just a 2 hours of charging time using its included cable.

Other important feature includes swiveling boom mic and flexible headband perfect for that relaxing fit and comfortable chatting any time.

-$119.95 at hammacher