Cinemin Pico Projector – The Pocket Sized Multimedia Projector

Cinemin Pico ProjectorCinemin Pico Projector is a pocket sized multimedia projector capable of projecting your favorite movies and videos, pictures and games anytime anywhere on walls, back seats and ceiling in a very clear quality because it is powered by DLP’s advanced technology, meaning bringing it anywhere you go and watching your recorded presentation and last party gigs is as easy as playing it on any flat surfaces for over 2 hours of non-stop replay.

Cinemin Pico Projector features a built-in speaker so you can hear what you are playing or connect it to a portable speaker for a good audio presentation, a rechargeable battery that’s capable of giving you up to 2 hours of continuous playing and a 90 degrees hinge so you can easily project your files without using any tripods or any other props. Cinemin Pico Projector also comes with a padded carrying case, connector cables and a power adapter with 4 changeable international plugs.

$139.95 at amazon


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