Chumby – Keeps You Close To Your Online Friends Even Without PC


Chumby is your touch screen doorway to your online life, with Chumby’s different capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity, keeping track of your friends on facebook and twitter will never be the same plus it also allows you to play and watch games, look at friend’s photos on Flickr or even verifying and checking bids at eBay all without using any computer because Chumby uses your wireless internet connection right into its soft great looking housing.

Chumby 2So how does Chumby work? Well, just let it connect Chumby’s network using your wifi internet connection of course without worrying about monthly subscription and from there, you simply choose from its different widgets and upload. Sounds easy aight! There’s more, with Chumby’s accelerometer, 2W stereo speakers and headphone output features, listening, playing and sharing photos is enjoyable even without your PC. Try it!

– £139.99 at firebox