Roboraptor – A Cool Holiday Gift For Kids

Christmas is just around the corner, people are now busy setting up their Christmas Trees, sticking those Christmas Stockings and posting some Christmas Lists on their refrigerators.It’s not that you didn’t know that this is coming, but lets face it, everybody is doing what the essence of Christmas is all about… and that’s GIVING, and SHARING what you have and not the other way around.

Below are some of the cool gadgets that you can include in your wish lists.


The age of dinosaur has truly returned. This Advanced Artificial Intelligence, remoteRoboraptor multi-sensory control roboraptor is capable of doing tricks that a kid would love to play on.

Fluid bi-pedal motion: walking, running and predatory gaits. Realistic body movements: turning head and neck with whipping tail actions. Three distinct moods:

hunter, cautious and playful.