Ceramic Ice Bucket – An award-winning 47-oz bucket that keeps ice colder for longer hours

Ceramic Ice Bucket [SOURCE] is capable of keeping ice chilled for 4 straight hours perfect maintaining its cold longer because it stays frozen so your favorite drinks will not ran out of ice all throughout the afternoon.

Before using the ceramic ice bucket, just run it for about 90 seconds under cold water so its unglazed bucket exterior can absorb the water perfectly and then slowly keeping the ice chilled for longer hours and because the bucket is designed to tightly fit the lid to prevent the heat from entering, now you don’t have to worry about dashing back inside your favorite freezer.

Ceramic Ice Bucket

Ceramic Ice Bucket

This ice bucket is constructed using Scandinavian’s innovative design and unlike ordinary ice coolers out there, this one will not absorb odors and is portable and sleek enough that you can bring it anywhere you go specially when you need a cold drinks.

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Ceramic Ice Bucket already includes a serving tongs, dishwasher safe and only measures at 5.5 x 6 3/4 inches in height and diameter. Weighs 3lbs.

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