Cell Phone Recon – The Cool New Gadget for Keeping an Eye on your Mobile Phone’s Usage

You want to keep an eye on your phones usage? Try this cool new gadget called Cell Phone Recon —[SOURCE]—where it comes with a built in tracking device to keep track of all your phone’s text messages, calls and even your personal electronic mail messages it even comes with an unlimited storage for cell phone numbers as well as all your personal digital contents so if it gets accidentally deleted, lost or stolen, this cool new gadget will guarantee no information is lost.

Cell Phone Recon

Cell Phone Recon

Installation with Cell Phone Recon is easy, simply install the included software and you’re good to go for an unrestricted data storage. This cool new cell phone recon gadget is also ideal for monitoring other people’s cell phone activities of course with their approval or you can even use this cool tool for finding out the location of your loved ones.

Recon is well-matched with Android, Windows and Symbian operating system smart phones including Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and a lot more.

-£149.00 at iwantoneofthose