Cell Phone Amplifier – Strengthens the Quality of your Phone’s Call Effectively

Does having a perfect conversation using cell phone gives you trouble? Not anymore with this cool new Cell Phone Amplifier capable of strengthening the quality of your phone call’s sound by 30 decibels, that’s enough to give you peace of mind every time you want to catch up and don’t want to miss those important calls at home or in the office.

With Cell Phone Amplifier, no more finding the exact spot to get the perfect sound you want, simply connect the gadget to your Bluetooth enabled device, plug the pair of earphones to your ear and enjoy crystal clear sound from both ends.

Cell Phone AmplifierCell Phone Amplifier also comes with an integrated microphone, it picks up the users voice clearly plus it even comes with an easy to touch buttons for answering and adjusting volumes. This device is created uniquely so you can wear around your neck humbly complete with comfortable feeling and easiness of use.

Planning of using it with other Bluetooth enabled devices? Sure, the Cell Phone Amplifier also allows you to listen to other music players, this amplifier is even compatible with T-coil hearing aids and best of all, charging this device at 3hrs full charged will give you up to 13hrs of continuous operation. This amplifier also comes with car adapter, AC and USB charger.

-$199.95 at hammacer