Carpal Tunnel Preventing Mouse – No more Cramps and Wrist Fatigues

Carpal Tunnel Preventing Mouse —[SOURCE]— is capable of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. Compared to other ordinary mouse, this Carpal Tunnel Preventing Mouse does not implement a permanent mouse position so you can prevent recurring hand and wrist injury.

Carpal Tunnel Preventing Mouse

Carpal Tunnel Preventing Mouse

How? Well, because the Carpal Preventing Mouse comes with a unique base, tilting and pivoting around means, you’ll have a more relaxing working wrist anytime.

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With this Mouse, you can say goodbye to cramps and wrist fatigues because you can easily move smoothly around plus it also features a wireless connection ideal for communicating long distance with your PC, great for comfortable typing and gaming while laying down on your favorite sofa.

Carpal Tunnel Preventing Mouse is compatible with Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Mac and comes with a regular left, right and scroll mouse buttons, a USB wireless adapter and 2-double A batteries.

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