Burg5 Phone Watch – A Handy Dandy Timepiece With Built-in Mobile Phone

Worrying about losing a phone again? Not anymore with Burg5 Phone Watch. This handy dandy timepiece comes with a built-in mobile phone always standing by for you to receive and make calls anytime, all you need to do is slide in your SIM card and you’re good to go.

Burg5 Phone Watch

Burg5 Phone Watch

Burg5 Phone Watch is a unique and perfect way for keeping in touch with your friends and just like ordinary phones, this phone watch also comes with different ring tones, speed dials and a rechargeable phone battery and if you need some confidentiality, you can always go for its hands-free calling using its free kit.

Other unique features for this phone watch is its glowing colors like blue for good reception, yellow when the signal is bad and a light multi color show pops up when you have incoming calls. Cool right?

Now who wants a phone when you have a unique phone watch on your wrist?

-£99.99 at firebox