Bubble Spa Bath Mat – Another Wonderful Home Gadget That Allows You To Create Your Own Jacuzzi Style Spa

Now you can make your own Jacuzzi style spa in the comfort of your own home and convert your bathtub into a customizable bubble-massage spa with this wonderful Bubble Spa Bath Mat capable of producing over 300 individual aeration vents to create a powerful bubble action.

Bubble Spa Bath Mat features a convenient wireless remote control, a non-slip feet that prevents slippage whilst in use, a timer facility to set bath spa for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour, a soft air mat with 9 inch flexible air hose and a powerful AC motor to maintains a warmth bath water by producing heated bubbles. So starts relaxing now, revitalize your body with the Bubble Spa Bath Mat gadget.

– £34.95 at gizoo

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