BrewZer Beer Making Kits – Your Mini Micro Pressure Controlled Brewing Vessel

You want to create your own beer at home in just ten minutes? Well, here’s a mini micro-brewery BrewZer Beer Making Kits that lets you make your own perfect beer using only natural ingredients used in traditional breweries.

BrewZer Beer Making Kits

BrewZer Beer Making Kits features a closed, pressure controlled brewing vessel that includes a set of ingredients for making ten pints to create a smooth Pilsner style beer. The BrewZer Beer Making Kits is capable of producing strong, full flavored English ale. How does it work? Once the ingredients and water are mixed, the pressure causes fermentation that helps clarify the beer forcing the yeast out of suspension. Just assemble the brewery parts, pour in the ingredients and add cold tap water and after 21 days you’ll have 10 pints of beer to enjoy.

– £24.95 at boysstuff