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Brazilian Barbecue Set In Aluminum Briefcase

Got Barbecue Set? How about a bbq grilling device? Check this cool briefcase that switches nicely into a full Brazilian Barbecue Set capable of grilling crisp and golden brown pork barbecues, ribs, sausages and more automatically and simultaneously giving you and your family enough food to eat during your summer outing.

This briefcase barbecue set uses a motorized spits powered by rechargeable battery, it can grill great tasting barbecues up to eight straight hours of grilling, it even comes with an AC and car outlet adapters for that grill anytime anywhere scenario.

The Brazilian Barbecue Set in Aluminum Briefcase also comes with porcelain coated charcoal try that is very easy to clean, while the briefcase store and go storage compartment can accommodate most of your grilling tools without any problem.

-$719.95 at hammacher