BoostApak – A Uniquely Designed Seat Booster For Kids

Planning to have a short trip with your kids this summer? Wait, check this BoostApak, a uniquely designed seat booster for kids ages 4 to 12 years old capable of protecting their growing backbones and promotes healthier posture because it comes with an adjustable and comfortable padded foam and straps for that relaxed on-the-go sitting position. Want more? Well, why not convert the BoostApak into a backpack so kids can bring with them their favorite toys and snacks? Read on..

BoostApak is hand-luggage approved and can be easily transformed from a booster seat into a cool kids backpack, just spread it out and enjoy, you can even make it as a backup seat for your kids at school, restaurant and even at the parks while having their breaks.

– £39.99 at firebox