Boombox Freeview DVD Projector – The Latest Portable Mobile Cinema Projector

Boombox Freeview DVD ProjectorPacked with revolving LED-powered projection system, the Boombox Freeview DVD Projector is the latest portable mobile cinema projector that is capable of playing both Freeview TV channels and DVD movies at 75” screen wide right through any flat walls because it comes with an integrated DVD projector and DBV-T Tuner so you can send and share out some of your favorite collections like music, pictures, tv and movie shows anywhere.

Just insert some cool stuff of yours, find some walls to project and enjoy.

Boombox Freeview DVD Projector 2Boombox Freeview DVD Projector also features an FM radio and CD player function with iPod line-in, a built-in stereo speakers with advanced sound quality and an integrated USB and SD or MMC readers so you can slot-in your favorite videos, music and photos anytime. Boombox Freeview DVD Projector also comes with a remote control and can be powered using mains or 8 pieces of C sized batteries.

– £329.99 at firebox