Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab – Makes Typing A Breeze

Just in case you needed a keyboard for your Samsung Galaxy Tab, this Bluetooth Keyboard Case is just perfect for touch typing too because let’s face it, touch screen typing was just too irritating. You can watch the video here!

Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy TabThe smart looking Case features an eye-catching integrated stand wherein you can horizontally position your Samsung Galaxy Tab without any problem, enclosing your Galaxy Tab inside this synthetic made leather case in horizontal position looks and functions much like your favorite laptop or netbook minus that heavy weight thing.

How about the Bluetooth Keyboard? Well, if you are not comfortable with tapping then I suggest you start typing back again because the built-in Bluetooth Keyboard makes typing a breeze most especially if you are working on long documents. Function Keys? Of course, everything is intact and in its accessible position.

Ideal for AT&T and T-Mobile model, the Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab is easy to setup and charges easily using its included USB cable.

-$59.99 at thinkgeek

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