Blueair 201 Room Air Purifier – Your Personal Indoor Air Cleaner Gadget

Here’s a gadget that can capture 99.7% of the smallest micron particles and provides a cleaner and breathable air using its sophisticated equipment and precision engineering to allow the filter to clean indoor air with no noise.

The Blueair 201 Room Air Purifier features a patented two-stage HEPA silent technology that instead of discharging a blowy flow of filtered air, the Blueair 201 Room Air Purifier diffuses air smoothly through an area six times bigger than the average air cleaner of the same class.

Blueair Room Air Purifier

This Room Air Purifier produces practically no noticeable draft while still providing an excellent air exchange rate. Its surround air system achieves peak performance without bothersome drafts by drawing in unclean air from the sides and bottom, moving it through a less dense filter media and releasing clean, filtered air.

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– $299.99 at jr