Blue Lamp Insect Killer – Your High Voltage Insect Trapping Lamp

Here’s an easier way of protecting your home from bugs and other pests without the aid of chemical sprays. With Blue Lamp Insect Killer, now you can keep pests under control without you having to lift a finger.

Blue Lamp Insect Killer

The Blue Lamp Insect Killer features high quality ultraviolet tube lures insects to the built-in killing grids which kill off pests automatically and effectively. The Blue Lamp Insect Killer has no chemical and is environmental friendly ideal for use around the house or can be used with an extension cable if you’re sitting in your garden. The Blue Lamp Insect Killer is very practical and is lethal to insects, but perfectly not dangerous to you, this is the cleanest and easiest way to set out irritating flies and bugs for good.

– £12.95 at gizoo