Bladestar Radio Controlled UFO – Tougher Than Your Ordinary RC Planes

The Bladestar Radio Controlled UFO hovers like a helicopter and comes complete with a 3 channel remote control letting you battle it out with 3 opponents. Besides its smart design, Bladestar Radio Controlled UFO also comes with a standard, autopilot and dogfight mode plus because it’s made of light and durable material, the Bladestar Radio Controlled UFO won’t just break up even in crash landings. So start pressing those buttons now and start taking down your opponents with this exciting bit of gear that’s tougher than your ordinary RC planes.

– £20.95 at findmeagift

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  1. Bladestar Radio Controlled UFO is a revolutionary indoor flying machine that changes helicopter flight.
    • The RC Bladestar has a standard, autopilot and Dogfight mode letting you have more choice and even more fun!
    • Our Flytech Bladestar is made of light, durable material
    • This Radio Controlled toy is for indoor use only
    • The Bladestar has 5 minutes of fly time per full charge. Charging only takes about 20 minutes
    • The Flytech Bladestar remote control takes 6 x AA batteries (not included) that can be found above in our related products for sale section.
    • The Bladestar Radio Controlled UFO meas

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