Bladeless Tower Fan – Cooler Than Your Ordinary Electric Fans

Is your fan capable of giving cool and relaxing air? Why suffer hot and jagged air flow if you can have constant stream of fresh air with the Bladeless Tower Fan? [SOURCE]

Not like your ordinary electric fan that only makes irregular puff of air, The Bladeless Tower Fan on the other hand uses a cool technology producing up to 16x extra air speed resulting in smooth and constant fresh air flows. How? Keep reading.

Bladeless Tower Fan

Bladeless Tower Fan

This Tower Fan uses a turbine located inside its base that uniquely draws air and drive it up to the sphere amplifier expelling air through its 1mm edge loop and across its airfoil shape ramp. Cool eh!

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This Bladeless fan swings 80 degrees and it even comes with an easy to use dial so you can adjust the air velocity of the fan easily.

Bladeless Tower Fan contains a nice remote control for easy dialing and comes with a 6 ½ long cord. Try it now and enjoy uninterrupted fresh air flowing anytime.

-$449.95 at hammacher