BladeFish Seajet BF1000 – The Coolest Sea Jet Gadget Perfect For Underwater Actions

BladeFish Seajet BF1000

Feeling tired after those underwater actions? Check the BladeFish Seajet BF1000 capable of propelling you under water at 4km/h for up to 40min so you’ll maximize your time watching and gazing at coral reefs and beautiful fishes of course effortlessly because all you have to do is operate the BladeFish Seajet anywhere you want to go at 30 meters deep.

BladeFish Seajet BF1000 is so small and very light, it weighs 4.7kgs meaning, maneuvering it and operating it under water is easy without you lifting any effort on your side good for your next seaside holidays plus with its durable carrying bag, bringing it and swimming around lovely fishes will never be as good as having a seajet around.

– £299.99 at firebox