Bladefish Sea Scooters – The Coolest And Latest Portable Underwater Sea Jet

Love underwater adventure? With Bladefish Sea Scooters, now you’ll love it even more because when it comes to scuba diving, this powerful and very light underwater sea jet will help you propel down up 20 to 50 meters easily using its 3.75mph top speed and 525 maximum RPM that means you can enjoy seeing at those underwater sights without wasting energy on your part.


Bladefish Sea Scooters

Bladefish Sea Scooters comes with different models to choose from such as Bladefish 1000 which features 3.5 hours of battery life, suitable depths of up to 20m, speed of 2mph and is available in color yellow.

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The Bladefish 3000 on the other hand has 2 hours of battery life, up to 30m depths, 3mph speed, 405rpm and is available in color orange, the last but not the least latest model is the Bladefish 5000 which provides speed of 3.75mph, 525rpm and is perfect for going down up to 50m.

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