Avenger Controller – Your accurate and customizable xBox 360 controller

Got an xBox 360? How about a perfect controller for it? Stop those annoying play times, now you can level up your gaming awesomeness with this cool Avenger Controller, an accurate and customizable xBox 360 controller fully equipped with all necessary features and functions to help you become the gaming guru.

Avenger Controller

With Avenger Controller, any action games, including your favorite sports, racing and FPS will give you the possible edge over your opponent because you will be equipped with precision and speed, improving your reaction time and awareness in every movement you are playing.

Avenger Controller is customizable and fits nicely on your gaming hands plus you can even reconfigure the button’s layout and experiment with your preferred gaming style so you can easily turn your worst challenger into a losing victim. Go ahead and try it!

-$49.99 at thinkgeek