Automatic Fresh Pasta Maker – Fresh Pasta Serve In Different Shapes

You want fresh pasta? How about serving it in different shapes? Well, here’s an Automatic Fresh Pasta Maker, a portable gadget that automatically extrude and kneads pasta without the need for manual kneading because it will automatically mixes and combines flour and eggs by simply moving them up or down mimicking the idea of hand-kneading. Just add some dough, wait for about 20 minutes till it gets smooth, start extruding 7 exchangeable pasta shapes from its disk and enjoy.

Automatic Fresh Pasta Maker is capable of making up to 3lbs. of your favorite pasta like spaghetti, bucati, lasagna and the likes and it also comes with a powerful 300 watt motor and an easy to clean parts such as bowls, paddles and extrusion disk which is made form a sturdy brass and plastic.

$199.95 at hammacher