Audio Light Bulb – A Wireless Speaker with Illuminated LED Lights

Tired of your old light bulb design? How about adding some unique speakers on it so you don’t have just bright light but at the same time wireless speaker around? Sure, check this Audio Light Bulb, a wireless speaker with illuminated bright LED lights that receives music from your favorite iPod and iPhone gadgets.

Audio Light Bulb

Audio Light Bulb

The Audio Light Bulb fits discreetly on a light holder, it is capable of providing crispy audio sound through its nicely designed 10watts speaker with built-in LEDs giving you not just good sound but at the same time brilliant light right into your very own room.

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This Light Bulb also comes with a remote control for controlling most settings like playing, pausing and even dimming the brightness of the light and a dock station for your favorite music player. It even comes with extra auxiliary ports so you can connect other audio devices.

Audio Light Bulb can support up to 8 speakers with ½ inch diameter by 6 inch height.

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  1. This is a wireless, luminous language that installs easily such as a light bulb. Fits unobtrusively inside the rest can be replaced with a bowl of the light bulb light standard for voice and discreet lighting.

  2. The audio also comes with a bulb  control by the remote control to set favourite play, pause, or even dimming the brightness and docking station for your favourite music player. It even provides additional auxiliary port, so you can connect other audio devices.

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