Atom Cruiser Longboard – The Perfect Board Cruiser To Have This Summer

Better than any remote controlled skateboard, now you can enjoy effortless spinning and better down the hill cruising with Atom Cruiser Longboard. This uniquely designed cruiser is perfect for any type of road action, whether you love to board on rough terrain around your campus or around your municipality; the Atom Cruiser Longboard is just perfect because of its stylish look and sturdy yet light deck construction.

Atom Cruiser Longboard —[SOURCE]—features a solid 6inch urethane made wheels partnered with sturdy bearings so even rough grounds will not be a problem.
Atom Cruiser Longboard

Atom Cruiser Longboard

The Atom Cruiser Longboard also features a newly designed pin tail deck with length of only 38.6inches x 9.6inches of width just enough to keep you moving minus that mobility and weight problem.

This Super Urban Cruiser Longboard is the perfect wheels to have this summer especially if you want to carve deeper into different wide and narrow tracks. Try it!

Visit —[THIS PAGE]— for more information.

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