ATC2K Action Cameras – The Capture-It-All Camera

Now you can record whatever awesome you are doing like kids playing on the lawn, throwing yourself out of a plane, surfing, skiing or biking with this action cam capture it all camera.

ATC2K Action Cameras

The ATC2K Action Camera features a hands-free digital point of view movie camera with sound that you can easily attach to your helmet, handle bars, foot or whatever you choose to get great action footages. ATC2K Action Camera also comes with 32MB memory, built-in SD card slot upgradable to 2GB, a 640×480 VGA CMOS sensor for jolly decent picture quality and an easy to use LCD display. The ATC2K Action Camera also comes with a handlebar and helmet grip, fastening straps and USB and RCA cables so you can connect the ATC2K Action Camera to your TV or PC.

– £69.99 at iwantoneofthose