The Artist’s Digital Canvas – Allows artists achieve the same spectacular results as when working with paint and brush

The Artist’s Digital Canvas [SOURCE] allows artists accomplish the same impressive drawing results just like using their favorite paint and brush simply because this digital canvas not only provides a wide drawing area but at the same time gives up to 5080 lpi resolution work of art every time.

The Artist's Digital Canvas

The Artist’s Digital Canvas

This digital canvas is not just perfect for wannabe artists out there but also suitable for masters alike, thanks to the tablet’s unique precision function and wireless stylus functionality, offering a huge 2048 levels of unique pressure sensitivity so artist can simulate broad strokes without any problem.

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This digital canvas tablet already includes 8 different hot keys to provide young or even master artists some quick and easy access to most commonly used commands plus it even allows the owner to use the tablet for marking electronic documents.

The Artist’s Digital Canvas already includes a powerful photo editing app ideal for adding some eye-popping effects or touching up your digital artwork while the included stylus, USB cable and 2 triple-a batteries will allow drawing masters to start sketching right away.

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