Archos Arnova 8 4GB Android Internet Tablet – Be Entertained Without Emptying Your Pocket

Portable PC? Try Archos Arnova 8 GB Android Internet Tablet, your best option if you are looking for an 8” Internet Tablet. Why? Simply because the Archos Arnova comes with everything you need in order to satisfy your creativity from playing music to videos or even accessing the internet, it’s like having a portable PC that you can enjoy tapping anytime you want it and anywhere you need it.

Archos Arnova 8 4GB Android Internet TabletArchos Arnova 8 GB Android Internet Tablet features an 8″ Touchscreen display with 800×600 pixel resolution. This Tablet is also capable of playing HD videos plus you can even insert your favorite PC devices such as mouse and keyboard or extra hard drives through its USB ports.

This Android Internet Tablet has an integrated speaker and microphone, it also comes with a G-Sensor, a Micro SDHC slot so you can expand the memory and a nice capacitive screen so you can tap anywhere you want without any problem.

Archos Arnova Tablet allows you to play up to 25hrs. of music, 5.5hrs. of video playback or you can browse directly to Android app market to find your favorite apps all with just a single tap.

Wanna try? Go ahead and be entertained without worrying about putting holes on your pocket.

£130.00 at advancedmp3players