ARCHOS 5 8GB Android Internet Tablet – The Coolest Gadget That Ever Exist

Now you can relive a whole new world of true entertainment and fast internet connectivity with the new ARCHOS 5 8GB Android Internet Tablet, the most advanced and feature rich portable HD player to date. Enjoy any stuff you want such as listening to cool music, watching full HD movies, viewing captured photos, surfing the internet or even previewing your favorite TV channels, the ARCHOS 5 8GB Android Internet Tablet is simply the best and most complete gadget that ever exist now a days.

Unlike other portable mobile devices, the ARCHOS 5 Android Internet Tablet is packed with 5” touch screen LCD with on-screen keyboard that allows you to browse menus and other important stuffs easier just like using your desktop PC or laptop plus with its powerful microprocessor and cool applications, fresh information, live communication and full entertainment functionality are always at your fingertips.

– £179.00 at advancedmp3players