Aorus X7 v2-CF1 Gaming Notebook – The Thinnest and Lightest GTX SLI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop

Is your gaming notebook not stable when it comes to system stability and performance? Here’s the thinnest and lightest yet powerful gaming laptop power packed with extra ordinary features so you can run all your favorite games at high resolution and settings.

Aorus X7 v2-CF1 Gaming Notebook

Aorus X7 v2-CF1 Gaming Notebook

Aorus X7 v2-CF1 Gaming Notebook [VIDEO] is not just sleek and sturdy when it comes to its design but is also equipped with the latest Intel 4th generation i7 processor which brings greater gaming performance yet less consumption in power, thanks to its upgraded battery life, now you can enjoy longer gaming action any time anywhere.

Aorus X7 v2-CF1 Gaming Notebook 2

With Aorus X7 gaming laptop, now you can enjoy smooth motion, stunning graphics and of course higher frame rates plus you can even house all your gaming collection without worrying about system performance because the Aorus X7 already has a huge 1TB hard drive partnered with 16GB Memory so you don’t have to worry about pure power and speed for that seamless gaming experience every time.

Aorus X7 v2-CF1 Gaming Notebook 3

This super thin and very light gaming notebook is very stable when it comes to gaming performance, thanks to Aorus X7’s exclusive thermal+ technology partnered with advanced mechanical design like unique 5 thermal pipes, effective vents and fans arranged and optimized perfectly so you’ll have unique air flow and perfect exhaust system.

Other important features of this gaming notebook includes one-click execution of your favorite combo moves, thanks to the laptop’s exclusive macro keys located strategically at the side for that quick response and pure control during game play.

Worry about conflicts between key combos? Not anymore, because the Aorus’ anti-ghost feature is tested to eliminate every possible key irregularity especially during simultaneous key presses, just enough to make every shot counts.

Watch Aorus X7 v2-CF1 Gaming Notebook in action [HERE].