Animated Rising Vampire – A Lovable Yet Horrifying Presentation For Your Halloween Party

Animated Rising VampireWatch Out! Somebody is out to greet you Happy Halloween! Really? Check this Animated Rising Vampire, a self inflating vicious long fanged vampire that automatically opens its 5 feet coffin lid every 10 seconds just to welcome every Halloween geeks that passes and then gently goes back to its sleeping position and closes the casket. Cool!

Animated Rising Vampire comes complete with unique lightings, that classic black tuxedo, black cape and red cummerbund just to give you a nice yet terrible presentation on your upcoming Halloween party. Animated Rising Vampire also features an easy to inflate function, simply use its built-in fan and in a matter of minutes you’ll have a durable made of nylon vampire display at home or anywhere you want. (watch the video here)

-$129.95 at hammacher