The Sennheiser Wireless Ear Buds – Equipped with superior sound for every genre of music

1 day ago

Not satisfied with your ear buds because it cannot provide the best stereo sound you’ve been looking for? Use the… Read More

The Cordless Power Mop And Floor Polisher – now you can effortlessly dusts, scrubs and polish floors without worrying about power outlets

Tired of using your old floor polisher because it is not effective in polishing the floor? Use the Cordless Power… Read More

3 days ago

The Voice Activated Smart Plug – communicates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana to help you manage your favorite gadgets

The Voice Activated Smart Plug is unique because it allows the owner to easily manage and control their favorite gadgets… Read More

1 week ago

The Most Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum – uses powerful vacuuming power to clean vehicle’s interior effectively

The Most Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum is equipped with 500w powerful motor capable of providing enough vacuuming power so you… Read More

1 week ago

The Award Winning Custom Sticky Note Printer – Now you can create custom reminders complete with pictures from your phone

The Award Winning Custom Sticky Note Printer is not just perfect when it comes to printing your very own memos… Read More

2 weeks ago

The Podcaster Starter Set – An all-in-one podcasting kit designed to give the beginning podcaster’s professional sound quality tools

You want to start your very own podcasting and discuss about your favorite cooking, sports and even blogging? No problem,… Read More

3 weeks ago

The Whole Home WiFi Power Booster – provides fast and reliable wifi connection that eliminates dead zones

You want to improve your wifi connection at home? Try the WiFi Power Booster, a powerful wifi connection booster capable… Read More

3 weeks ago

The Cat’s Warming Pod – An indoor cat pod with integrated heated pad to keep cats warm and comfy

Looking for a perfect pod for your cat with built-in heating element to keep them comfortable every time? Try the… Read More

1 month ago

The Advanced iPad Pen – provides enhanced precision and control while drawing and writing on iPad and iPhone

Need to draw and write on your iPad but you don't have the correct pen to help you out? Here’s… Read More

1 month ago

The 10 Minute Smartphone Sanitizer – Uses safe ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria

Looking for a perfect smartphone sanitizer capable of eliminating viruses and other bad bacteria so you’ll have a germ free… Read More

1 month ago

The Commuter’s Portable Cell Signal Booster – improves reception to prevent dropped or garbled call when driving

Not satisfied with your cellphone signal booster because it cannot prevent garbled calls every time you drive somewhere? Use this… Read More

1 month ago

The Braava Jet M6 App and Voice Controlled Robotic Wet and Dry Mop

No time to clean your room? Why worry when you can use a robotic mop designed to help you clean… Read More

1 month ago