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Amazon Echo – Always ready, connected, and fast. Just ask

Tired of your old and not so cool speaker that only provides clear music? Try Amazon Echo, a uniquely designed speaker that you can control with your very own voice and provide you not just cool and clear music but also the latest news, weather, sports scores and more instantly. All you have to do is to ask and Amazon Echo will provide you with the latest information.

Amazon Echo uses unique microphones partnered with beam forming technology so even you are across the room or while echo is playing your favorite music, it can still hear you. Just say the magic word “Alexa” and echo will respond instantly.

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Whether you are using Amazon, Prime, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and even iHeartRadio music, Echo can provide you with cool sound of course hands-free and because it is built with unique speaker system, delivering crisp vocals partnered with dynamic bass response is now possible, thanks also to Amazon Echo’s Bluetooth-enabled system, partnering echo with your favorite tablet and phone or even streaming other music services is now easier than ever.

Want other function than playing music? Try saying ‘Echo, please turn on the lights’ and see how it respond instantly to your voice, you can even let echo provide you with traffic reports, read your favorite audiobooks and more because Amazon Echo is always getting smarter and smarter, adding the latest features and skills you need. Try ordering your favorite pizza at Domino’s and see if it can provide you with the details.

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