Alien Abduction Lamp – The Stylishly Made Flying Saucer Lamp

Alien Abduction Lamp

Ever wonder how aliens really look inside their flying machines and how they manage to capture your personal belongings? Well, here’s Alien Abduction Lamp, a stylishly made and extremely farcical modern lamp that illustrates a well-known picture of an alien space plate that holds up a cow just like in that science fiction movies you’ve seen lately.

Alien Abduction Lamp 2

Alien Abduction Lamp features a beautifully crafted metal flying saucer that comes with realistically made aliens who are watching at the shimmering window for their next victim. It also comes with an energy saving LED light that can be turned on and off right into its cool antenna. What are you waiting for, get one now and start amazing your friends with this cool out-of-this-world scenario right into your own desktop.

– £79.95 at firebox