Still looking for a perfect air purifier? Our Odor and VOC Eliminating Air Purifier or this desktop air cleaner is your next best option why? Simply because this air cleaner is small enough yet provides a suitable remedy for any air quality issues.

Alen T100 Desktop Air Cleaner

Alen T100 Desktop Air Cleaner is ideal for office, dorm, laundry, bathroom or any small places that you want to get rid of unwanted odors, dusts, airborne pollens and other contaminants. Thanks to its enhanced activated carbon filter, purifying and cleaning air up to 125 square feet is now easy and effective.

Alen T100 Desktop Air Cleaner 3

This T100 desktop air cleaner has ozone safe quality ionizer which help improve promote healthy surroundings without worrying about damaging the ozone layer while its 3 different fan speed and HEPA air filter is just waiting for you to activate in order to start eliminating airborne contaminants.

Alen T100 Desktop Air Cleaner 2

Start removing bad odors now, let the Alen T100 Desktop Air Cleaner activate the magic for you.

-$169.00 at amazon